How to promote affiliate products on the whole internet to get more sales

Here at, in my first post I have written details on how to start a blog for making money online, and today, I will write details on how to promote affiliate products on the whole internet to increase your affiliate income.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about affiliate marketing.In affiliate marketing, you will have to choose a product that is related to your blog niche, and then you have to create the product awareness, and when someone will buy a product using your affiliate link, you will receive a referral commission from it. You got it! Yes, this is the real secrets of the affiliate marketing.

promote affiliate products

Now, let’s learn some important affiliate marketing tips to promote affiliate products on the whole internet:

Review post for promoting affiliate products on your blog:
You can easily create the product awareness with a review post on your blog. This way, your blog readers can know what is all about the product & why they should buy it from your blog.

Here are some important tips that you should always remember while writing a review post on your blog for an affiliate product:

Try to write the review post honestly. I mean, focus on both good and bad (if any) sides of the product that you want to promote writing the review post. But, many people only focus on the good side and forget to mention the downsides of the product. I think an honest review post should include both good and downsides of the product.
Also, don’t forget to add the product image and give all the useful information that you want to offer the product. Most of the people always try to look for a personal recommendation in the review post. So, try to write the review post in a personal tone, and it is better to Pick a product that you already used.
Finally, you can use the author review plugin to get more CTR for your review post from the search engine.

Forum posting for marketing affiliate products:

Forum posting is also another effective way to promote affiliate products on the web. You just need to sign up on your niche related forum sites and then you have to be a regular member there.
Or, if you know how to get people from the forum sites, I think you are 3 steps ahead of creating a successful forum profile.

But, I think the following tips will make your forum profile more successful:

Be regular member all of your forum sites. I recommend you to create at least 10-12 forum profiles, and then try to reply at least 10 threads from your every forum profile and make sure that you wrote the answers with the accurate information.

Also, make sure that your answers are informative and enough long at 100 words. Repeat these processes for 3-4 days, and then, try to build a link with your affiliate product page URL. This way, many affiliate marketers are earning hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. I think you can also earn like them if you do the forum marketing right way.

Paid advertising for promoting affiliate products:

If you are very serious to promote affiliate products via the paid advertising one, then I recommend you to use Buy sell ads. You can start your advertising on Buy sell ads with a very low budget.
Go to the Buy sell ads site and choose a niche site that is related to your affiliate product. Also, Make sure that the site has enough traffic. Are you struggling to get success in blogging? here are 6 tested blogging tips for beginners to achieve success in a Short Time

Now, contact the owner of the site, and ask for the monthly traffic report of it. If the traffic report of the site makes you satisfied, then create an attractive banner ad to place it on the site. Your jobs are done now and wait a while for the result.

Social media marketing to promote affiliate products on the whole internet:

There are many social networking sites out there on the web for marketing your product. But, I think Facebook is the great place to start. To promote an affiliate product on the social networking sites require enough people to follow you.

So, make sure that you have a lot of friends, followers on your Facebook profile. Otherwise, you can be disappointed while promoting your affiliate products on the social networking sites.

Some important tips to promote affiliate products on Facebook:
You need first create a fan page on your Facebook profile and post several quality contents around your affiliate product. Invite some friends from your Facebook profile to like your fan page.

Otherwise, there are many ways out there to increase your fan list. Just work hard for several weeks to increase the fan number. When you get a thousand fans on your fan page, and then post a special offer with your affiliate link. This way, you can always promote affiliate products on Facebook to get more sales.

Bonus tips to make your affiliate product more visible on the whole internet:
Create a resources page and include your affiliate links with a short description of the product that you want to promote.
Create a list post on your blog and include the product.
Mention the product in the epic post of your blog.
Create a course around the product on your blog
Use banner ads on the sidebar of your blog.

Use the review article as featured post on your blog
Use coupon codes to increase your affiliate product sales. It works awesome for me.
Write “how to article” on your blog and include the affiliate link.

If you have any question to ask on this post related, please let me know it in the comment section below.
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