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Hey guys, Welcome to Bloggingtechbook and let me introduce owner of this blog to you. This is Walid Munkar, who is passionate about Blogging tutorial & technology.

Walid Munkar dropped out in Computer Science & Engineering from a Private University. Now he is a professional blogger. Here at Bloggingtechbook blog where he writes the Blogging tutorial, Technology & so on. For this, Walid Munkar had developed excellent knowledge about the topics related to blogging tutorial, technology, affiliate marketing, email marketing, make money online, SEO, social media networks including Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook, even WordPress, etc. over the period. So, he welcomes all new and Pro bloggers on Bloggingtechbook.com

About Bloggingtechbook

Bloggingtechbook, launched in 2014, is among the 130+ million blogs. Here, you can find out the latest how-to “Tech Guides” & Blogging tutorials. You can also find out about the money aspect of Blogging and how anyone can make money from home via Blogging.