9 tested quick actions that will help you to set up a blog for explosive success

There are many bloggers out there nowadays who are struggling to to set up a blog for explosive success, but a many of them are not reaching out the goal, even after pouring their sleepless hard work into blogging. This is because they don’t know the right techniques to get success in blogging or even they don’t know to work hard in the smart ways or maybe they don’t like to learn a new thing what is very important in blogging field to be a success.

set up a blog for explosive success

In the initial stage of my blogging life, I used to do garbage things, and also didn’t know the blogging tested techniques to implement on my site. For this, I used to face many troubles to make my first blog into a profitable business, but now I have a great experience to get success in blogging.
You are reading this post on my second blog, and I am very serious to make this blog to the next level within next 4 months. This is because I know the tested techniques to get succeed in blogging field, and all of the tested techniques I learned while practicing my first blog on BlogSpot platform, where I used to learn & practice all about blogging techniques to know the blogging secrets of the better ways.
So, I know how to bring the Explosive Success on a blog, and now I am going to let you know the top 9 tested techniques for bringing the Explosive Success on your blog today:

Develop a Regular and Consistent Content Schedule on your site:

if you have been blogging for several months, then you already know how hard to write a blog post that helps you to grab the readers’ attention! To write a quality blog post needs enough time, and as a blogger, you also have a lot of other tasks to do. So, you should maintain a schedule especially for your blog posts to keep your blog readers’ revisit and also to receive new visitors on your site.

In my experience, if you publish new content two times each week from your blog, then it is better than publishing once a month. This way, you can get in touch with your readers very often and your readers also get a chance to re-visit your site. Do remember, if you want to have more visitors on your site, then you should publish more posts to your site. So, try to publish at least 12 posts each month or two/three posts each week and of course to maintaining the Content Schedule; I mean, always publish new content two/three times each week.

Try to publish Different Content Formats on your site:

if you are producing only text-based content with some images on your site, then it is time to re-think about the formatting of your blog post. There are many people out there nowadays who want to read the web content in the different formats. For example, some people love to hear the podcast, some others might prefer to watch the video, and some people are very eager to read the image or infographic based content. So, try always to publish different formats content on your site. Here is some example of different type of content formats:

1500 or more words based content
500 or less words based content
Audio-based content (podcast)
Video-based content
Images or Infographics based content
Whichever format of content you try to produce from the above list, do it well and try to best of your knowledge.

Try to Update Some of Your Older Posts regularly:

as a blogger, you always busy to produce new content to publish on your site regularly, but after published a content on your site, you don’t care about it, rather you totally forget it, don’t you? I myself also do it sometimes on my site but this is a bad habit for the professional blogger. So, let’s see how you can avoid this bad habit today, and what is the benefit to updating an older post on a site?
By updating an older post of your site can help you to avoid the bad habit forever. And I should tell you one thing is to keep fresh & latest information on a site is very useful for both readers & search engines. Otherwise, you can add some more quality content on your site just to updating your older post instead of writing any new.
There is also one more benefit to updating an older post on your site is without extra hard work you can get more organic traffic. And I believe you know that the majority of search engines love fresh & informative contents. So, try to update your older posts on your site regularly.

Display Your Best Stuff to keep your visitors reading more: when your regular readers or even the new readers visit to your site, they always try to look for their necessary information first. And then, they would like to have something new or even trending topics that already viewed or commented by many other people on your site. And if you want to grab those readers’ attention, then you have to show your most viewed or commented posts as a trending topic somewhere on your site.
I recommended displaying your most viewed or commented posts on your sidebar or other visible places of your site. This way, you will get more viewed, comments or even social shares for a specific post from your site.

Interview an Influential Figure in Your Niche to make your blog more trustworthy: no one will come to listen to you until you are an expert one in your niche. So, as a newbie blogger, you have to follow some strategies that will make your blog more trustworthy in the eyes of your readers. And such one of the fruitful technique is taking an interview from the Influential Figure in Your Niche, and then publish it on your site.
So, your reader will think about you is you are one of them who have already got the success. For this, they will believe your words and will follow you on the different social media sites. They will also share & comment on your blog post or even will subscribe to your newsletter.

Start building an email list from the day one of your blog: I think this is an important part of starting a blog. So, you should do it from the day one to make your blogging journey more professional. Having an email list you will get many benefits, and one of them is you can reach out your products or services to your targeted customers within a moment & very effectively.Otherwise, you will always get repeat visitors on your site for sure.

So, don’t delay to start building an email list today, and you can do it very easily just sign up to MailChimp email service provider. It is somewhat free of charge, and you can send email up to 2000 subscribers without charging a penny. Or you can use paid ones like Convert kit or Weber.

Try to Learn the Basics of SEO to get success in blogging:

without knowledge of SEO, you can’t move to gain the blogging success. So, it is better for you to learn some basic things of SEO, and then move other parts of your blogging journey. You can learn total SEO in the three different steps like:

Keyword research
On page SEO
& off page SEO
And next time, you can learn about “technical SEO”. It is also a part of the total SEO.


set up a blog for explosive success


Show less ads/pop-ups on your site: In the initial stage of your blogging journey, you can’t plaster to your blog with dozens of advertisements. If you do it, then you have already lost your regular visitors forever. This is because most of the visitors don’t like to see any kind of ads while reading your blog post. So, you first need to offer readable contents to your readers, and then you can gradually place several ads unit on your site. But, make sure your ads placement won’t make your reader feel to leave your site.

Final thoughts for your blogging success:

if you follow the above-mentioned 9 tested techniques on your site, then I bet you will definitely get improves than you are now today. So, if you have any question to ask, then feel free to let me know it in the comment section below, and I will be very happy to hear from you.

If you found this post helpful, then do share it with your friends on the different social media sites.


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